Mihow’s Really Fast Film Review

I have seen several movies lately. While I don’t have a massive amount of time to go into each and every one, I’ll share with you their names and how I felt about them (briefly).

Toby Joe and I saw Ocean’s 12. It was REALLY long. What’s up with directors who are unable to stop themselves from making their movies 2 + hours long? I don’t get it. I love Soderbergh, but, by God, the guy could have said it all and made it 40 minutes shorter. Catherine Zeta-Jones is still way hot, however.

We had the most unfortunate experience of sitting through Tom Bat Shit Crazy Cruise in The Island yesterday. Halfway through this extremely long, over-the-top action-packed movie, I thought to myself, “Wow, this movie was so created for the Maxim reader.” And then Maxim was later mentioned when Ewan McGregor meets Ewan MeGregor and Ewan McGregor hits on Scarlett Johansson even though she’s already dating Ewan McGregor. I kinda want those two and a half hours back, actually.

Did you guys know that The Fockers happen to share a similar sound to another English word? Yeah. That’s about all I have to say about Meet the Fockers. 400 One-liners said four hundred times. (In all honesty, this movie was perfect for a boring day spent baking.)

And then there was the quiet film called Winter Solstice. I loved this movie. I grew to love the characters. How is it a movie like War of the Worlds makes millions and something like Winter Solstice goes almost unnoticed? I will never understand us.

That is all.


  1. Oh, The Island… last summer i was all siked up to see this movie. It was going to be my 1 big hollywood blockbuster that got us into an air-conditioned room for 2+ hours. Bonus being that it was partially shot here in Detroit (some right outside my office window) and at least we’d have that to look forward to. Still never made it. I may have to wait for the TV showing on TNT.


  2. Mike and I watched both War of the Worlds and Meet the Fockers in the theater when they came out. War of the Worlds was a very entertaining movie to see in the theater because it just enveloped you. Meet the Fockers was one of the worst movies I’ve had to endure and one of the reasons why we haven’t been to the theater in ages. We have been watching the classic films for a change of pace. Check out a couple of our recent favorites: Some Like It Hot (with Marilyn Monroe) and Lavender Hill Mob (excellent bank heist movie).


  3. I agree about Ocean’s 12 – it could have been much shorter. One of my favorite movies ever is Ocean’s 11…so the next one was kind of a let down. I still enjoyed watching the characters interact and there were some really funny moments, but it was too drawn out.

    I was wondering about Match Point. It looked good, but I love Woody Allen’s Annie Hall type stuff, so I was wary. I think I’ll wait until it comes out on dvd.

    The Island – I saw it in the theater, and it wasn’t anything deep or meaningful. It could have been better.

    I will add Winter Solstice to my list of what I need to see. Looks interesting.

    One little movie that has gotten no attention that I thoroughly enjoyed was The Baxter. I can’t remember if you’ve mentioned it here, but if you haven’t seen it, I would rent it.


  4. I saw Some Like it Hot. Good film.

    War of the Worlds was entertaining, but holy shit, the story line (if you’d call it that) was so horribly weak. I dunno.

    I guess it’s a good thing I was baking during Meet the Fockers. There’d be no way I’d have been pleased had I spent actual money on the movie.


  5. Maddie, I had seen The Baxter in our On Demand list. I know nothing about it. I will check it out. Thank you.

    Ocean’s 11 was wonderful. Totally agree.

    Winter Solstice was lovely. Great story. Great acting. :]


  6. i growing tired of gratuitous CG which ends up extending movies longer and longer and for what? that monkey movie was a big bumber for me and so was that falling scene in The Island (since it was mentioned above)where i gave up on believing in the movie. i just wish there was an edit button for all the “over-the-top-look-at-what-we-can-do-with-the-computer-crap” seen more frequently in movies these days.


  7. greg, I couldn’t have said it better myself. That scene was phenomenally bad. As if anyone falling 70 stories from a giant “R” and hitting net would actually live especially after driving a flying motorcycle through a downtown office building. What the hell?

    Really. come on, now. That movie is more make believe than porn.

    Oh, speaking of porn, I also rented Jenna Loves Kobe.


  8. Dude, I spelled Woody Allen’s name wrong. Why is it people actually come back here? Clearly, I’m a moron.


  9. Just cut to the chase: do any of these movies have gay sex scenes?


  10. Jenna love Kobe does indeed have gay sex scenes.


  11. loved the fockers. war of the worlds? i agree with all of what you said. also me thinking “hm, i’m sure aliens who are about to destroy the world would use machine-gun-type-weapons with which they keep missing people because they have only one shot at the time.” too bad exercise and the right diet probably won’t help here…


  12. I saw The Island last weekend.

    Shit. Utter shit.

    What pissed me off was that it raises all of these moral and ethical questions ( what is the status of these clones? there are duplicates of presidents and senators. what happens to them afterwards? what about all the doctors and workers they have there that are complicit in this scheme. did everyone at that company just buy into breaking all legal and ethical rules and check their morals at the door? how does that happen? )


  13. It was dangerously close to making the abortion parallel, too. No?


  14. i didn’t see an intentional (or non) abotion parallell. the writer/director seemed far too stupid to try and make any real parallells on purpose – what did the movie make you think about in repect to abortion.


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