Last Friday, I purchased this watch in order to get a better understanding of my sporadic heart rate. (Yes, I it’s Nike. Yes, I suck for it.) I’d like to share with the Internet a few things I learned while searching for HRM watches.

When I set out in search of a watch to read my heart rate, I had anticipated the ability to slap on a watch and have it pump back my heart rate. That’s not the case, however. From what I have found, one needs an accompanying strap. The strap is placed around one’s chest and that strap reads an accurate heart rate. The strap then sends a radio signal to the watch and the watch spits back the information. I have yet to find a (decent) watch that doesn’t require the strap.

I also learned that the cheaper the watch the worse off you are if you’re a gym runner (or biker!) because the cheaper watches don’t include some sort of data controller that stops the watch you have on your wrist from picking up someone else’s heart rate. So, say you’re in a spinning class and you’re in close proximity to a number of people. Your watch may very well pick up THEIR heart rate. So, it’s best to get a more expensive watch. (I’d use the actual terminology but I have no idea what that was. Rest assured, the terminology I lack remembrance of equals about 40 more dollars.)

In the end, the benefit the strap brought to me came as a pleasant surprise. Now, I no longer need to slow down to 3.9 in order to read my heart rate using those hand held readers on the treadmill. Now, the machine I am on reads my heart rate as soon as I step on as long as I’m wearing the strap. However, once the machine steps in, my own watch becomes moot. It’s only role at that point is to spit back the time.

For a week now, I have worn the strap throughout every facet of my existence (aside from sleeping.) And now, without further ado, I give you my heart rate breakdown.

Couch Heart Rate = 60-64
Walking Heart Rate = 100-125
Uphill Heart Rate = 125
Stair Heart Rate = 140 – 150
Running Heart Rate = 165 – 175
Laughter Heart Rate = 75
I Just Ate Heart Rate = 65
Holding My Cat Heart Rate = 60
The I Just Remembered To Look at My Heart Rate Heart Rate = 74

I also learned that my heart rate has simmered some with the exclusion of all alcoholic beverages and the exclusion of more than one cup of coffee or other caffeinated beverage.

That’s all the data I have yet. I’ll report more as I learn more.


  1. I could have gone somewhere naughty with this comment.


  2. Yeah, well, looking at one’s watch during naughty isn’t exactly a mood enhancer.


  3. I was talking to my husband today about some systematic observations of heart rate changes I conducted during my exercise routine (i.e., how to not get bored to death on a treadmill). He mentioned this post discussing all sorts of heart rate values on your blog.

    So, here is my contribution:
    While walking briskly, thinking of a difficult situation at work and role playing a meeting I will have with my boss next week, my heart rate immediately jumped up 10-12 beats per minute. Thinking of trees, ocean waves, and clouds in the sky to try to calm myself down slowed my heart rate down 10 beats per minute (but that took a lot of time). Then I looked at my husband and my heart rate went down about 2 more beats.

    My conclusion: You don’t really need to exercise if you are always upset at work.


  4. Antonella: Brilliant.


  5. Mihow: you started the trend.

    I added your blog to my Blogline feeds. Love it.


  6. You mean she’s not supposed to be checking her watch?


  7. cool to hear that the equipment at your gym picks up your monitor….most of the equipment at my gym will only pick up signals from Polar hr montiors (which is fine, because this is what I use).

    your “I just ate heart rate” cracks me up!


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