A Political Ad You Will Probably Never See

There’s a political ad linking Tom Delay to corruption. The ad was to air in Houston but the congressman has threatened to sew any station that runs it. He says it’s false and defamatory. Campaign for America’s Future and Public Campaign Action Fund are behind the creation of the ad. If you want to hear it, you can do so by clicking here. Basically, they want him to resign.

Delay’s lawyers never rebut the claims. They’re just issuing letters saying they’ll sue.However, the reporters have issued similar reports as to what the ad claims. Tom isn’t threatening to sue the newspapers. Anyway, pass it on. Get it out there. Tell ‘em Large Mihow sent ya.


  1. there are always things we aren’t going to see and many things we shouldn’t see…things like this i fear are things that open a can of worms. like make a statement to the masses that may or may not be true with the intention of defaming someone and it works. who cares if it’s true or not, as long as some people believe it to be true then it’s okay. just because the media reports it, doesn’t make it true ( those miners are still dead.) and just because some lawyers don’t rebut the claim does not make the claim true either.

    take these things with a grain of salt. when it comes to political action groups, i like to put the following after their names……” against the people who don’t think like us” and see if it fits. much like putting “in bed” after reading a fortune cookie. so for instance, the former would be “Campaign for America’s Future Against People Who Don’t Think Like Us.”


  2. I think it’s pretty clear Delay DID take gifts, etc. Which is what the ad claims. I don’t think anyone, even him, would try and suggest that those claims are untrue.

    I’ve been wrong before.


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