Strike Out

Well, the strike is over. Apparently they’re trying to have the subway up and running as early as tonight, buses too. 100 bucks says some of them are drunk. I’m going to wait until morning.


  1. I just heard about it on the news. I’m so glad for you guys. Hooooooray!


  2. OK email people. I have no reason for thinking the MTA employees will be drunk. You have to understand, I have thoughts and then i keep them. Today’s thought was “I bet that these men will be drunk” based entirely on nothing.

    I’m sure they’re not all drunk. But I am willing to be that out of 33 thousand at least ONE went back to work drunk.



  3. Men or women.

    I have to stop now. Goodnight.


  4. P.S. Have a very Happy Holiday, Mihow and Toby!


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