December Search Strings

I’m probably the only person who finds this sort of thing interesting, but I’m going to share them anyway. Below is a readout of my top (50?) search strings from the month of December.

mihow, funny shit, syriana explanation,, nyc mta salaries, nyc mta salary, average salary mta employee, mta average salary, falatio, average salary mta, mta salaries, nyc mta average salary, ny mta salaries, backup in your ass with the resurrection, average salary mta worker, ruth ann morehouse, ace bar ebay, pinter speech, understanding syriana, mta strike salary, mta worker average salary, alchohol and antibiotics, mta nyc average salary, self falatio, bqe wine, average salary of mta worker, leggs luthor, transit workers average salary, zoloft commercials, harold pinter noble speech, turks and caicos yoga, tickly ears, if socrates is a fine wine then plato is a dry martini, bqe liquors, teenybopers club, mta inflates, person jumps from a tall building hits ground what will happen to them, boogers, bodies the exhibition review, polish swear words, boobies going down stairs, robin lovitt, jeff skoll democratic, jeff skoll and wedding, churducken, bodyworlds south seaport, rachel maddow, mta strike funny, salary mta workers, danceadelphia

A few thoughts: I love the fact that “Back up your ass with the Resurrection” is tucked between a bunch about the MTA and the average salaries.

I also love the fact that so many people had the unfortunate experience of landing on while searching for an explanation of Syriana,

I finally got a few in search of the holy churducken.

I am so sorry someone wants to know about how a person lands after jumping from a tall building. I’m sorrier they landed here alive.

I would like to know more about those in search of “tickly ears.”


  1. Also, why do so many people want to give themselves head? I don’t get it.


  2. the head I can understand,but who knew that many people were looking for danceadelphia?

    please watch and enjoy.


  3. I don’t get the head thing either. Eww.


  4. I googled “tickly ears”

    This was the #1 page rank #1 Google Ranking for “Tickly Ears” (warning, mature content)

    It was followed by a messageboard that I think was for Lord of the Rings – but I could be wrong. Mihow was #3.

    I hit reload a few times, and the pagerankings jumped around a bit. I never noticed that on google. Maybe clicking on the links after searching for the phrase changed their valuation?


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