Updates on Random

The Mountain Goats show was amazing. I haven’t been to a show that special in quite some time. I decided last night that The Knitting Factory is where I want to see all future shows. What a most excellent adult swim. It was nothing like the MMJ show.

It’s early and I have to leave for work. We didn’t finally fall asleep until about two. I am tired. I did, however, bootleg the entire show. And this time, the outcome was much better. We were much closer and NO ONE spoke. I will put up a few songs once I’m at the office.

In other news, I received my first ever rejection letter in the mail yesterday. I think I will have it framed.


  1. Congratulations on your first official rejection! When you’re famous and successful you’ll be able to point to it with pride, because to be brilliant is to be misunderstood.


  2. Yeah, that won’t happen. But I’m OK with that. My goal is to receive so many rejection letters, I’ll write a story about them all and then send that around and see how many more I can get that way.


  3. Perhaps you should sending appallingly bad manuscripts out to see if you can provoke entertaining rejections.


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