Blue Sunday

Soung just left. Sometimes silence is so loud.

Katrina’s name came up over the weekend. And seeing Soung again brought back the cold reality that I won’t ever see Katrina again. I hadn’t realized how much I link the two of them together. I met Soung because of Katrina. Had that not happened, my life would have been so much different in so many ways. For starters, I never would have been a graphic designer. Everything would be different. Everything.

It’s hard seeing Soung without remember those days. And those days are so connected to Katrina. Knowing that I live in a world that no longer includes her, makes me feel so heavy. And I feel so empty as I realize this over and over again.


  1. no matter how cliche or how often hearing such a thing may make one want to scream “BULLSHIT” at full lung capacity, sorrow helps us recognize and appreciate the sweet. I can only say, Thank God for Katrina and Soung both –


  2. didn’t see my comment post – hope I didn’t upset you – wasn’t my intention


  3. I had them turned off, sugar. You didn’t upset me. Only the folks on an RSS feed can see the comments. :] Sorry ‘bout that.


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