It’s 8:58. And I feel a little silly saying so, but I think that this final episode of Six Feet Under might just make me cry (again).

And I can’t deny, I will miss these bastards. I really liked getting to know them.

Here’s to yet another great show coming to an end.


  1. 10:14 PM—OK. So, I sort of wished it hadn’t done the whole 15 extra minutes thing.


  2. Yeah, I thought the last part was really cheesy.


  3. So in some ways the series is about the death of the father and the ensuing chaos the loss of the pater familias causes. But finally, after five years, with the subsequent loss of the eldest son (removing the fraternal conflict of succession and the unsustainable compromise of Fisher, Fisher & Diaz), everything can settle down into a nice new order with the only change being that the happy stable household is a gay one (think Kathy Bates’s comment about the kitchen decoration). So has the series been the requisite negotiation to establish a gay man as the head of a family and household?
    I loved the series but found the conclusion a bit sacchrine. I did like, however, watching the characters die, although the makeup was terrible. And I figured Keith would have been more than some armored car security guard in 20 years.


  4. I thought the ending before the last 15 minutes was great. Everyone was finally happy. David confronted his demons, Claire finally got out of town on to live her life, Ruth doing what she really wanted for a change, Brenda finally accepted that she needed help, it was just a satisfying ending to me.

    The last 15 minutes were interesting… didn’t really need to know all that, I thought before that things were tied up pretty nicely.

    Charlie ~ If you look again at the Keith shooting scene, on the truck it says Charles Security, like he had his own company.


  5. I hate when a dozen people have separate life changing moments in a narrative day or so and suddenly everything makes sense. This is especially true when there is no real cathartic moment or event. If they had sold out to Diaz, perhaps having to move out of the house would have been enough. Not doing so, though, meant that far too many things magically came together for a tidy ending. I’m always bugged by that sort of thing.

    I also half expected the whole damn series to be some 6th Sense crap—what, with all the ghosts running around all the damn time.


  6. From the NYT (Made me laugh out loud on the subway this morning. Felt very silly.)
    “The sequence flew by. It was very pale. The aging makeup, unfortunately, turned all of them into characters from “Cocoon” or Miss Havisham, with spectral expressions and white flyaway hair. Keith’s murder seemed stupid. In fact, the whole overwrought montage was at least half ludicrous, and almost half lovely.”


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