Leaving On a Jet Plane

My Toby Joe is heading to San Francisco for business this evening. I hate it when he leaves. I don’t like to be away from him. I know I have issues and am high maintenance, but I guess it’s better than rejoicing every time he leaves. I also hate it when he flies, drives, moves, or swims. :]

He returns on Thursday just in time for the Song’s Ohia show at Southpaw.

What am I going to do all day and night?


  1. a) You’re not high maintenance. If you want to know what high maintenance is, I can tell you. But you really don’t want to know.

    b) I’m going with a friend to see Broken Flowers tomorrow night. You’re welcome to come.


  2. thanks, jon. But if I get out of work in time, I’m gonna have a girl night with missy. :]


  3. I’ll be fine, I promise!


  4. you better be. I don’t want our baby to grow up fatherless.


  5. “I don’t want our baby to grow up fatherless.”
    Is that an announcement?


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