The Volvo ran really well this weekend. We took it to New Jersey on Friday night. The gas mileage is pretty OK. I have two problems with the vehicle. We don’t have air conditioning. Which normally doesn’t matter, but this past weekend the weather was downright brutal. It was so bloody hot. I can’t even begin to tell you how sweaty I was in that car. (Toby took pictures of my sopping wet ass. Once they are scanned, I will share them. Gross) The other problem with the car is there are no working dashboard lights. Which makes it really hard to check for things like overheating (which did not happen, much to my pleasant surprise) and one’s speed. It’s a good thing a 30 year old car doesn’t like to speed. I barely went above 65.

I’m really happy with the purchase. We have pictures of my giving her a bath. I will upload them as well once they are scanned.

Also, her name is Josephine.

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  1. One other thing to mention: the radio doesn’t work. It does output static to the left front speaker, though.



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