Walking the Car.

The other day, after meeting Ethan to do the ol’ car switcheroo, I took it for a walk. We met in Greenpoint where he changed the plates and I removed the registrations sticker. I added mine. He took his tools, blankets, and paperwork from the inside.

I was getting a car. What’s more, an old Volvo. I love old Volvos. I check them out each and every time I see one, usually I’m covered in green. Some gals save up for Kate Spade bags, fancy shoes or wedding gowns that cost as much as a down payment on a house. Me? I drop thousands of dollars on an old car that has no air conditioning.

So we had everything taken care of and Ethan handed me the keys. It would be the first time I would be driving the car as my own. I was excited. Toby got in the passenger side and I, the driver side. I rolled down the window and started the car.

We took a right on Graham Avenue.

I remember when I had my other Volvo, people looked at it all the time. Volvo drivers love volvos. It’s like a cult. They wave, honk, they’re friendly. This baby will be a head-turner for sure.

Toby nodded. He’s really very good at letting me ramble.

We turned right onto Richardson. I stopped at the red light there. There was a couple walking towards us. They were staring. They were staring at me and my new hot as shit car.

See? See what I mean!

I pointed them out to Toby.

They love it. Man, I haven’t been in this for more than a minute and already we’re turning heads.

The couple began walking closer. The girl said something to her boyfriend. They both nodded. They were staring right at me. The crossed the street.

Holy crap! They’re coming over here. Wow.

We were still waiting for the light to turn. If they were going to make it over to me in time to say how jealous they were of my new hot as shit car, they better hurry. I waited.

I’m not sure when it finally occurred to me that they weren’t looking at me at all. Maybe it was when the walked past me and my hot as shit car. Maybe it was when they said something to someone else on the sidewalk. Maybe it was after I watched the woman bend down to pet a short, stocky Corgy being walked by a 101 year old man.

I looked at Toby and he laughed. There really wasn’t much more to say. But it will happen in time. I know it will. As long as there are no super cute short dogs around, my car and I will have our time being gawked at.


  1. when do we get to see pictures?


  2. I was waiting until I gave it a much needed bath. one day near the BQE and it’s dusty. This weekend, I promise. It’s really very sweet. :]


  3. fair enough. but, if you have a city car, you have to live with it being dirty. my car-obsessed family always mocks me for the state of my car, but it can’t be helped. it’s going to get scratched, bumped, dirty. it lives in a city.

    is there any possiblity of air-conditioning? what about if you put a cool prop under the back window?


  4. It does have an air conditioner actually. I just need to figure out how to fix the bloody thing. :] I think, because our priorities are sort of out of whack, the stereo will hold precedence. Heh But who knows. What city does your car live in, ringo?


  5. the mean streets of philadelphia.


  6. have fun with your new car…………..i don’t know if this is real advice but i’ll throw it out there anyhow….after the 4th time my car got broken into over on devo street, i stopped caring and also stopped locking it! somebody stole my ashtray!!!! granted, it had about 34 cents in it but i couldn’t believe the tray went with it. anyhow i’d rather give 34 cents away then have to pay for a new window. luckily the perp never used it as a bathroom, more of a bedroom. so i started leaving blankets in it for them to use. shoulda just given them an extra key so they could have swapped parking spaces for me on street sweep days!


  7. Damn dude. The hood has cleaned up quite a bit since you lived here. Now, you see minis and lexuses and BMW that cost nearly 100 grand. Your poor little honda.


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