Ethan, the guy I bought the Volvo from, runs a production company out of Brooklyn, NY. I thought it’d be nice to link to his company SeeThink. He’s currently wrapping up a movie about a fantasy-driven live action role playing game called Darkon. And yet another documentary which should be out in 2006 is about Alice Neel a wonderful painter. Anyway, he’s a nice guy and he lives in the hood. Check it out.

Along the same lines, remember Kevin Devine? He recently signed on with Capitol Records. I knew he’d become all famous and whatnot. He’s a great musician. If he comes to your town, I highly recommend checking him out.


  1. Wow, thanks for sharing that link! I watched the trailers for both movies and was enthralled. I LOVE that he’s made a movie about roll-playing games…I have a total soft spot for these kind of nerds. I will be looking for that film.
    The Alice Neel documentary also looks fascinating—she was a brilliant artist.


  2. Sarah, you’re like the most gracious person I’ve never met.


  3. Paging Dr. Nifkin… Dr. Nifkin please report to…


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