Cool Props: An Ongoing Series

I am working on a new series of photographs. I have named it “Cool Props”. I have noticed that there are an alarmingly large number of people who instead of using wood (as I am told you’re supposed to) to level their air-conditioner units, they’re using books. And I find some of the choices comical.

I began this project on July 21st at 7 PM. I will continue the project for the remainder of the summer. Each time I get more shots, I’ll update here as well as over at Flickr.

(Click on the images to zoom in and, in some cases, read the text).

More to come.


  1. I’m betting you’re gonna find a stack of dead fish holding one up. Or a human skull.


  2. those bowls seem the most precarious. try not to walk under that one again. although, given that they are psychics, they should be able to foresee any tragedy. ha.


  3. Great series Michele! Something about the canned food that really disturbs me. Maybe I’m just hungry though. And the one where they actually taped-up the books cracks me up. They were willing to try just a little- but not too much- to cobble together a strategy (strategy?). It’s not even a hack job. It’s not even duct tape ! !


  4. how could someone do that to their copies of mallrats and clerks?


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