AIM Conversation: 4:45 PM

  • mihow: how much do i HATE the idea of going to pottery right after work? what’s wrong with me?
  • mihow: lately, I have been feeling so antsy
  • tobyjoe: yeah
  • tobyjoe: i know
  • tobyjoe: i’d prefer wine and a patio
  • tobyjoe: but fuck
  • tobyjoe: when wouldnt i prefer that
  • mihow: a but fuck?
  • mihow: you want wine and a patio but fuck?

Example #7,213 proving how immature I am.


  1. I want wine and an ac indoor patio with lots of light.


  2. I would have been all over that one too my friend.


  3. Only because you’re still using AIM and not Trillian (or iChat on a Mac).

    And THAT my friend is reason #238 why I am a NERD/GEEK, and should be thankful that I’m already married.


  4. Actually, it is iChat. I wasn’t sure there was a difference. haha


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