I knew my constant job hopping would eventually bite me in the ass. I just downloaded The Outfield’s “Your Love” because I have been singing it for two days now and I REALLY WANT TO HEAR THE DAMN SONG. I just went to play it and was told I can not listen to it because I already have five computers signed on to my account. That sucks. I have no way of turning that shit off as the computer in question, well, one of them, is in San Francisco.

Man, does this suck. Now, I’ll never hear that song.

Edited to add: Sucess! Holy sweet jesus this song rules. Does anyone out there have The Butchies cover of it? I’ll trade you.

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  1. The deactivation of my laptop has enabled me to listen to this lovely song.
    *hits rewind.
    *remembers the 80s


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