The Future Looks Hot

Man, I don’t know what site(s) SPD was linked on last week, because I have little to no time anymore to read any Web site let alone check my stats, but it must have been linked from THE HOT CHICKS WEB SITE because last week, we received a slew of images from hot chicks and they all came in at once! They should go live in a couple of weeks at which point the Internet will feel even more insecure than she already does and then she’ll probably go to the gym and run a few miles.

That’s not to say everyone on there isn’t always totally hot, but these girls are like Internet supermodels. I came home feeling insecure about myself, now I feel even worse. Thanks, ladies.

(Please note: most of this was a joke. Part from the bit about the hot ladies and my raging insecurity. Clearly, I need some sleep.)

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  1. Have I told you before how much I love SPD? Oh, yeah, probably at least every other week. Well, I’m due again then. It rocks. You rock.


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