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Today, I must tell one job I am going to stick to another job instead. I went from having little to no options, to having three (if you include the bartending gig as well). Now, I must decide what to do.

The place I started working yesterday was awesome. They’re professional, they’re nice, they’re happy, it’s organized, and I have a view from the 21st floor. What more can one ask for really? Sure, it would be nice to design advertisements for Puma, posters for new movies, brochures for Apple and Adobe, and logos for large corporations. But I’m starting to realize – yes, at age 31 – certain dreams aren’t ever gonna come true. And so I have decided the second best thing to designing what I consider to be the most creative and invigorating of projects is to be happy. And I think this place will make me happy.

I’m going to stick it out and hope there is a fulltime job at the end of this rainbow. They work on a contract basis with everyone at first. The VP told me the percentage of people who aren’t hired after that initial contract is up, is less than 5%. That gives me hope. I might be employed, sweet Internet. And that’s probably the last you’ll hear me talk about this job. It’s unprofessional for me to discuss it.

Today, after I get off, a bunch of us are heading over to FINALLY see the Tim Hawkinson exhibit at the Whitney. When Nico was in town a couple of months ago, she saw it and told us we must go. Finally, we’re going to do that. After that, I think it’s dinner and then (if I can convince him to) Toby joe and I might see a movie. We’ll see. I only just now decided that.

We saw The Interpreter on Sunday and loved it. I highly recommend seeing it before the TV ads totally take away from everything that’s suspenseful and wonderful about it.

This weekend is picture-taking weekend. Come Monday, Toby and i will have numerous new pictures to post all over the Internet. I can’t hardly wait.

From where I am looking, life is pretty damn wonderful. The last time I said that, something horrible happen. Please, just let it be good for a while.


  1. Sounds very promising! I will keep good thoughts for you that things stay good for a while.


  2. I saw the Interpreter last night. So very good. The previews they have been showing almost stopped me from seeing it at all. They are a bad representation of what the movie is all about. Sean Penn, despite his lack of a sense of humor in real life, was amazing. Nicole was a lot better than I thought she would be. I loved Catherine Keener. Also, they had real conversations and pauses, and the action was used as accents to the story – not overwhelming it. Very enjoyable movie.


  3. Congrats sweetiepea! I hope this job does work out for you, and it certainly doesn’t mean that it won’t lead to other design opportunities! You rock.

    I don’t know about the Interpreter, but I’m dying to see Hitchhiker’s!! Eeeeep!


  4. I’m pregnant.

    Ok, not really. I’m just fat.

    The Interpreter was great compared to most flicks released in megaplexes, but the backstory of the Penn character was in my opinion unnecessary and over the top. It just crossed the line of plausibility for me. But that’s a subtle critique, and it wasn’t devastating or anything.

    I quite enjoyed it.

    Even though the UN is an un-American bunch of un-American non-Americans looking to quelch our every whim…


  5. Penn is still hot. I’d hit it.


  6. I sure agree with that, mihow. Mmm.


  7. Dammit.. I read “megapixels” instead of ‘megaplexes’. I need an intervention!


  8. Great news! I’m so glad things feel so gooooooood—- you deserve it!!


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