Deep Thoughts

Office windows in New York City open. The office windows in Washington, DC do not. I have noticed this and I’m curious as to why this might be. During the time I spent working in DC, I did not work at one place that had windows which opened. I like knowing I can open windows.

From mine, right now, I can see the Library on Bryant Park as well as the afternoon drinkers at the cafe. I can see construction and blowing tarps. I can see sky. It’s really nice up here. I am so happy to be back in NYC.

I just had to share.


  1. Mihow, I love you.

    P.S. SPD looked great as usual!


  2. New to the site, and I love your writing. My guess on the windows is that the building in NYC is older than the building in D.C. I think the newer buildings refuse to let you open the windows so they can have greater control over the heating and air conditioning.


  3. One of my best girlfriends lives in Brooklyn and works in Manhattan, and her windows open too. I work in a fucking industrial park and if I had a window in my office (which I, personally, do NOT), it would not open.
    I think newer buildings do not have windows that open because they don’t want people jumping out or throwing company property out (or fellow employees?)
    Not that these are things I’ve ever thought of. ;-)


  4. you made me sigh with contentment today.

    thankyou for sharing. :)


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