The Dorch

In the news: Millions of Roaches Forced to Evacuate.

I sound insensitive. I know this. But no one was hurt, so that’s good. And I can assure you, the Dorchester House (aka The Dork) holds a special place in my heart as we were once its inhabitants.

It’s true. Toby and I once lived in that same building. And had we not been bombarded by roaches, if the walls hadn’t crumbled and mildewed around us, it would have been a fine place to live. Sure, we lived on the first floor and had a backyard. Plus, it was a block from the greatest yoga studio in the world, the greatest pottery studio in the world, as well as the the greatest pool hall in the world but man, was that building ever unkempt and bug-infested.

I am happy no one was hurt. And I’d like to go on the record as saying that I think this might be the final straw for the Dorchester House. I can’t see that place existing much longer. There would have to be hundreds of changes made and renovations completed.


  1. Hey Michelle,

    My girlfiend lives on the top floor of the Dorchester, so I'm a de facto resident. Her place has escaped the roaches, but the mildew has a hickory smoke smell to it now. 
    At the apartment meeting held after the fire, a few residents are contemplating lawsuits. It could be the end of the old lady...


  2. Oh dear god, I am so sorry to hear that. My friend, jason still lives there as well. He, too, said it’s been a stinky mess after this. It’s a shame, too. The location is amazing and I really do have fond memories of living there. Thanks for the update, sir otto.


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