The Sleep Life of a Programmer

Last night, while dreaming and still half awake, I woke Toby Joe up from an obvious slumber.

Take the money from the lens you almost bought me and buy yourself that camera bag.

Ohhhh hush.


I rolled over and drifted off to sleep again.

There are 14 hours in the night for watching movies and sleeping.


No answer.

What did you say?

I heard only the old familiar ringing from my left ear. What the hell did he just say? I couldn’t figure out what that had to do with a camera bag. What’s he building in there?

Are you asleep?

Silence. And so I began to count back from 8 a.m.


  1. haha.

    camera bags are for amateurs.


  2. I am an amateur. I don’t get flown all over the country to put on a monkey suit and shoot weddings like you do, sucka.

    I wonder how your Nokton did at a wedding – given that it’s clinically sharp, and most wedding stuff is all soft and glowy.


  3. i shot that wedding barefoot in cut-off jeans and a pbr tshirt. who’s the sucka now?


  4. it is my understanding that you only get the ‘flaming’ merit badge after committing to vegetarianism.


  5. I love my alive, flaming husband.


  6. flaming hippie lover.


  7. somebody sort of reminds me of a suess character in that picture,


  8. I love those weird late night, half awake conversations. Once, Scott and I were sleeping, all curled up together, and he said loudly (still sleeping) “We are a scary octupus!”

    It still cracks me up.


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