Some Pictures

Here are some images I took this weekend while I was walking home from work on Saturday. It was just before nightfall and the light was nice. I like dusk sometimes.

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Meeker and Lorimer under the BQE.


Spattish men and twigs.

An old abandoned gas station hut.

A couple waiting for who knows what.

I love Brooklyn and all her piles of trash.

The images above were taken using the manual setting (RAW format) on my Canon. On Sunday, Toby Joe was sweet enough to replace my much needed Pentax K100 lens which lost a battle to a grain of sand in Turks and Caicos last year. The lens I replaced was a 35 mm. However, we ended up with a used 50 mm from B&H. I’m excited to start develoing film again. He’s been shooting black and white and are developing the negatives in our bathroom. I plan on joining him. It’s almost instant gratification and with a lot less frustration as I haven’t quite figured out how to use RAW images yet.


  1. Hot film action! I just put some film back in my SLR – all of my favourite images have been shot on film. I would LOVE to set up a darkroom at home… where did you pick up your enlarger?


  2. Lana, first, let me start by saying that I’ve missed you dearly.

    Now, for the answers. We aren’t developing the actual prints. We’re doing the negs in a film loading bag and then developing them in our bathroom. We then scan the negatives in using our Epson Perfection 4870 Photo scanner. It works pretty well, though Toby is looking for something even better.

    I do, however, have an enlarger it’s just not with us and it was grabbed at a yard sale years ago for next to nothing. I have later seen the same enlarger for quite a bit more. SO I guess it was a steal. I think it was purchased (the entire kit) for 100 bucks. I would love to one day hook up. It’s at my parents’ house in their basement. It does color as well. Soon, we will have the room, I hope. For now, we print whatever images we want to have in hardcopy form from our Epson color printer.


  3. That first photo cracks me up.


  4. Missy, it cracked me up, too. Glad you like it.


  5. I am such a Hillybilly. That looks a little skirry to me. You better be careful young lady!

    It drives me nuts that I can’t read graffiti. I’m going to come up with my own secret language. But then that’s pointless because I could never defile a building or train. Foiled again.


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