This Wednesday will mark the first ever Self Portrait Day at Due to the overwhelming response, Toby Joe and I have decided to launch a new sit called

::drum roll::!

Tomorrow, I will be launching this week’s self-portraits here. Considering the idea came about on Friday of last week over at Amanda B’s Web site, won’t be ready until next week’s launch. At that time, everything (including this week’s submissions) will move over to the new url.


Every week up to 20 people can submit self-portraits of themselves and answer five pre-determined questions. I will post each one of them each Thursday morning by 9 a.m. EST. There will be one image (medium is up to the person’s discretion) as well as link to each person’s site (should they have one) and the answer to each of the five questions we will send to you if you’re interested.


For those of you who wish to be a part of the next Self Portrait Day, please send me an email (michele at this domain dot com) that includes your name and your url (if you have one, they are by no means required). I will then reply with the five questions you must answer as well as a list of size requirements. It is capped at 20 people, I have received several since yesterday’s announcement, so don’t delay!

Thank you! I hope this ends up becoming an excellent way for people to discover new faces.


If you like what you see and you’d like to help get the word out, please download the following GIF banner and put it somewhere on your site (if even just for a day) and have it link to the URL below.

(The above link will change once the site parks. In other words, geek speak for “turns on already.”)


  1. I think I’ve met you…


  2. I’d volunteer, but, it would jeopardize my participation in the witness protection program.


  3. So, you do have a business plan, right? I mean, for when the site peaks at 100,000 hits per hour, and is worth $30,000 per month in ad revenue, three or six months hence? For when you have a larger readership per day than Harpers and The Atlantic Monthly’s combined, for the past decade? Because it’s inevitable, you know.


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