I love you.

I love this. I love the song. I love the Postal Service. I love the video. I love.

(Directed by Jared Hess of Napoleon Dynamite).


  1. How FREAKING great is this song! A few more albums to grab when you get a second…the new Low album, Bloc Party (the hype is a bit much but a solid album) and Final Fantasy (side project from one of the Arcade Fire folks).

    Just re-started the blog and this time I actually will update.


  2. I know, right? That album brings me so much joy. It also makes me run my friggin ass off at the gym. I love that cd. I do. More than words can possibly say. :]


  3. Good to hear, BSmith. Once I update my elsewhere section, I assume it’s ok to link to ya?


  4. Of course it is…thanks! You rock.

    I think you may find this amusing…



  5. That video made me laugh out loud in my very quiet office. Oops! So wonderful.


  6. I love the song, but I’m not too sure about how I feel about the video, though maybe that is because I know it is based on (well the beginning anyway) Mormon Family Home Evening, heh. Jenny Lewis looks so cute though, but when doesn’t she?

    I’ve heard great things about that Low album too, but I’m so cheap when it comes to buying cds.

    And of course you can link me, though I think you might have alreay because I saw you in my referrals :) Thanks for the comments btw.


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