Make God Laugh

Yesterday, I had a meeting with a client at the Port Authority on 42 Street.

While wandering around feeling confused and totally disoriented about which way was north, desperately trying to avoid staring directly into any and all neon, my eyes fixed upon this sign:

Talk about feeling nervous at a meeting. Yeesh. That’s quite the request. Anyway, the sign reminded me of one of my favorite movies and then I remembered the following joke.

How do you make God laugh?

Make a plan.

I have more client meetings today and tomorrow and on Friday. That said, my writing might be somewhat sporadic over the next few days. Maybe not. We’ll see.

I am turning 31 on Saturday. I might have to go Whack-A-Mole. Surely that will at least make God smile.

Good day, sweet people.

P.S. I’ll write more about my trip to the 6th Avenue/14th NYSC later on today.

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