Medical waste? Or human remains?

Let me get this straight, the fetuses are human while in the womb but once aborted (or miscarried) they then become medical waste? (Here is Another link.) I realize that this is the church’s way of working the legal system to justify and perpetuate their cause, I’m just not sure God would approve of all the flip-flopping to perpetuate their cause.

(From the Times.)

Was the material that the parishioners interred on Sunday in blue cloth bags mere medical waste? Or human remains? Colorado law has very different things to say about burial depending upon the answer, said State Representative Debbie Stafford, who has been involved in writing funeral law legislation and who went to the ceremony to support the church. A party seeking to bury cremated unclaimed human remains, for example, is bound by numerous legal requirements, including a year’s waiting period after death, Ms. Stafford said. She said she believes the church members violated no laws if all they did was bury human medical waste, which is subject to different rules.

Later, an entrepreneur might step in, buy the land, and build a Wal-Mart. After all, they’d only be removing medical waste, right?

There is something entirely too cyclical and weird about all of this.

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