My Sunday Afternoon with George and Nico

On Sunday, Nico and George took the Chinatown Bus from Philadelphia to spend the day walking around the city. They were good friends and called me on Friday to let me know they were coming and to ask me if I cared to join them. Given the amount of time I spend leaving the house in the winter, I agreed before Nico could finish the question.

I met them at around noon on Broadway and we headed to Veselka on 2nd Avenue. There, we feasted on Russian goodies. George had the borscht (which I hear is delightful) and a variety of perogies. Nico ordered some potato pancakes. And I had some soup and a few perogies as well. You really can’t go wrong with Veselka. Should you find yourself visiting New York City or if you live here and you’d like a decently priced brunch, stop on by. There is often a wait but it’s usually worth it.

After we finished eating, we headed to the Lower East Side to check out the Tenement Museum.

Unfortunately, there was a three hour wait, so we couldn’t take the tour as Nico and George had to head back to Philadelphia later that evening. For those of you in the city or should you be visiting and wish to take a tour of the Tenement Museum, it’s best to purchase tickets ahead of time. We’ll plan better next time.

We decided to wander around and shop instead. I finally broke down and purchased an 80’s style dangly pair of earrings. (I am still sort of amazed about the fact that they are back in style. I wish I had saved all that crap.) Nico bought a pair of 50’s style earrings and a matching bracelet. After we finished shopping we hit the bar where we ordered more potato products.

Maddie, if you’re still reading this, you and your friend should try Veselka for brunch if you enjoy this type of food. The desert is delightful and it’s open 24 hours if I recall correctly.

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