Information Wanted

As many of you already know I have been putting a photo a day up at While I’m enjoying the new project, I’m also running into problems when it comes to optimization. And it’s driving me crazy. Basically, the images look perfectly acceptable straight off the camera, and they look perfectly acceptable in their RAW format once imported into Photoshop. It’s when I save them for Web do they begin to lose everything. I am color correcting in RGB so it’s not a CMYK conversion problem. Like I said, before optimizing the images everything looks perfectly peachy. Frustrating? Indeed.

Given my design background, I would have guessed I have what it takes to create an acceptable image for the Web. While my expertise (should you call it that) lies in print, I know something about color correction for the Web as well.

So, what’s going wrong? Is it the transition from RAW format to JPG? Because when I take photographs outside of RAW format (JPG/Macro shots) everything works out perfectly. Which leads me to believe this is due to my ignorance with RAW files. Or is it my Photoshop settings? Is it my lack of knowledge? Should I save them in PNG? If anyone has any insight surrounding this issues, please drop me an email. My email is michele at this or use the link at

Thank you in advance for any information. (Part of me wishes to open up comments for this. We’ll see.)

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