I’m sure by now everyone has heard and/or read about Apple’s latest invention.. But holy crap are they ever miniature! And holy crap are they ever cheap. So much for the PC world complaining about the price. Now, get out there and convert! (They will even work with your existing monitor).

Over dinner last night, Toby informed me that he wishes to cluster a group of them. And by using Xgrid he’d create the smallest, most powerful computer in Brooklyn. Did I marry the biggest nerd, or what? I find it entirely endearing.

Really, tho, $499 for a Mac? That’s pretty cheap! I’ve had the same laptop now for five years. Ernie (my laptop) will be five in April. While I love this darn thing, I think it might be time to make another purchase. However, I still think I’d go for the G5. If I had the money, of course. The mini is beautiful, but I tend to lean more for speed.

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