We spent NYE at home watching a screener copy of Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme, Strangers with Candy and Regis bring in the new year so monotonously the three of us were nearly hypnotized.

What we were SUPPOSED to do, was see the Drive By Truckers at The Bowery Ballroom. But we didn’t. Instead, we ended up having dinner at a local mafia hangout called Cono and Son’s. There, one can consume excellent food on a real life Soprano’s set. We were home by 10.

The interesting thing about living in New York is watching the ball drop on television and then running to the fire escape to hear the screams waft in from Times Square. We could see the small explosions up north and the huge firework display towards the south. But the night for us was fairly quiet.

Missy from Thursday night.

If anyone is reading this and you’re not so hungover you can barely type, share with me what you did for New Years Eve.


  1. We stayed home. We made dinner and a homemade pie. At about 20 till midnite, we decided we might go over to the docks to watch the fireworks, but half way there, we decided it was too cold, so we came back and watched Regis too. Quiet, quiet evening, which was appropriate for ushering out one of the shittiest years for us ever. :)


  2. 25 of us went to Buca diBeppo and had an italian food frenzy! i may never eat again…
    Happy New Year! much health and happiness to you!


  3. The highlight of my evening was letting Paul’s new baby Vivienne use me like a jungle gym while I introduced her to the joys of stinky cheese. [I adore that kid] Followed by dinner followed by a mellow game of Tripoley followed by a Regis-coma.

    Happy New Year M!


  4. Happy New year! Chele, I had a most excellent time at that restaurant once. :} Sounds fun. And Andrea, yeah, I bet you were happy to see this year go away. I hope for the best for you two in 2005.


  5. I got drunk and made an ass out of myself. I’m never wearing high heels again. Happy New Year!


  6. We went to a kid friendly New Years party across the street at a friends house. We stayed there until 11, we left so we could meet ring in the new year with two friends of ours who moved here from Texas and didn’t really know anyone in the city to spend the new year with. Prior to going out I made a really good lobster and champagne dinner for Mike and Belly.
    We had a fun, family friendly night.


  7. Hey Mihow, I have read your blog off and on, ( I used to go to shows with Missy in DC when I lived there) but now it appears we are neighbors ( I live in Bburg too)If you want another show-going buddy let me know, I direct deposit my paycheck to ticketweb and clock in at the venues at least 2x a week.



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