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This weekend was lovely. We didn’t do much after a very long night out with friends on Friday. It began with a festive Chopping Block Christmas party at the Telephone Bar. We had drinks and ate dinner. It was great talking to Matthew again and meeting his new wife, Lorie. Rachel looks wonderful and her husband (who I’d never met) is a sweetheart as well. And it was great to talk to Charles again. I may have undereaten and therefore over-drank, and for that I do apologize—too much holiday cheer, indeed. At around 10:30, we left to meet up with Gerry, Bob, Tanya, Michael and Michael’s girlfriend, Vanessa at Von. We stayed there for a while, caught up, sipped wine and then headed to CBGBs to meet up with Ben Scanlon who had invited us to a book release party for Let Fury Have the Hour.

I think we took at cab home at around 2. I promptly fell into bed and didn’t wake up again until about 10 a.m. the following day.

On Saturday, we watched Dodgeball and Collateral. Dodgeball was actually funny. I laughed quite a bit, I have to admit. (“Donde esta la biblioteca, Pedro?”) Good fun. Collateral was o.k. It was only a wee bit over-the-top, in my opinion. Unless, I don’t know something about the club scene in LA or what druglords will go through to kill witnesses. But it was entertaining for a cold Saturday and so we watched it in its entirety. Jamie Foxx is amazing.

That evening, Toby went into the city to meet some folks to play pool. I stayed in and watched Law and Order, MadTV and Saturday Night Live. (Note: Womba Sketch = brilliant. Blue Christmas? Also brilliant.)

On Sunday, we woke up early, sipped coffee and unpacked some more (still living beneath boxes and clutter). We picked up a Christmas tree and decorated it. I made a low calorie blueberry pie (where you can all discuss chemically enhanced food and look at pictures) and we watched Desperate Housewives by candlelight.

It’s a weekend such as the one I just had where I am sure of why I moved back east. And this morning we woke up to snow.


  1. There was a problem with the database for a few minutes while I updated some stuff. Lana and Mike, re-leave your comments.


  2. Snow?? Snow!!! Bummer, we didn’t have any and it is freezing (way below) here!!


  3. Only a little. But it’s so cold up yonder today, it’s now just petrified.


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