Go Sea.

Yesterday evening, Toby Joe and I met Gerry at Sea. Sea is the new and improved Thai restaurant in Williamsburg. When you walk into Sea, one of the first things you will see is a small pool. Off to the right, there is a plastic chair that dangles from the ceiling. To the left, there is a bench. It hangs from the ceiling by two chains. The place is dark. During the week, it’s affordable and fairly quiet. On the weekends, gals and guys from “Lowng” Island make the trek into the “city” and “go out” for the night. The place is overflowing with perfume and long arms. It’s the hotspot on the weekends.

But last night it was pretty chill. And when Toby and I walked in, I had the strange sensation I’d been there before. Then, it occurred to me. When the waiter came over, I would ask for a basket of bread. When he’d inevitably refuse, I’d turn bitchy. The place reminded me of the restaurant used in the movie Garden State.

Gerry arrived a bit later.

Place is crazy, isn’t it? Over-the-top.

Yeah. But I kind of like it.

That movie….

He snapped his fingers to call on the title.

Garden State was filmed here.

No wonder it was so familiar. It was the place where it was filmed. And apparently, Williamsburg acts as a decent backdrop for Hollywood now.


  1. aw, you were a block from my house and I missed you :(

    I didn’t know that they filmed garden state there, but I did know that they filmed an episode of sex in the city there.

    the food used to be good, but its gotten way more oily and sloppily made. the new place on the corner of berry and n6th called Chai is waaaay better and, amazingly, cheaper! the only drawback, is that its super tiny so it becomes an intimate eating spot, so we just order take out from there.


  2. I’m convinced we may never see you again, Jon. I’m not even sure you still actually live here. :]


  3. I hear that all the time.

    i just want to get over this damn flu so i can go to the dentist :(


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