Time's up

I am leaving D.C. on Wednesday afternoon. I was supposed to stay until Saturday, but my work is done and I miss home. It will be nice to have my stuff again. I miss my cats. And, of course, my husband.

Tonight, Soung, David and I head out to the 9:30 Club to see Beep Beep (who I know nothing about), TV on the Radio (who I am very excited about seeing) and The Faint (who I have seen before and am also very excited about seeing.)

It’s a good thing, too. I haven’t left the house except to walk the dogs since Friday evening. I was to meet up with Missy today. I still wish to, but I can’t seem to get dressed.

Ah well. Maybe I’m unconsciously depressed. :] Kidding. Just ready to get ready to relax and find a schedule again. Leaving here will suck as well. I’ve been here for so long.

That is all.


  1. Hope the show was fun! I was slow-going today, and when I checked for tickets, it was sold out. :(


  2. It was fun, but you didn’t miss anything at all. THe usual, you know?


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