Partying, What's Your Price For Strife

Last week, while TobyJoe was here, we went out a lot. And like most people who go out a lot, we drank a lot, too. And I didn’t feel so great come Saturday when I dropped him off at the airport. After a week of staying out late, waking up early and drinking booze, one can’t help but feel sort of bad, both physically and mentally.

That said, I decided to be a good little girl come Sunday and take care of myself for (hopefully) the duration of my stay here. That may not sound so hard. But when you stay with other people, or you’re away from home, you find yourself shadowing their lives, even if it’s unconscious. At least this is what happens to me. Maybe it’s out of politeness. Maybe it’s out of desire. Maybe it’s just because you’re not really sure what else you should be doing, either way, I find that this happens while away from home.

The past few days, I have declined to do much of anything at all. Instead, for the sake of my own head and body, I have called every night early by heading home right after my 12 or 13 hour day. And it’s been pretty nice. I won’t deny. The one thing, however, that drives me green with envy, is Soung’s ability to NOT ever seem or feel hungover. Ever. Like never. Ever. She can stay up late every night, even drink some, and never feel badly. How is it some people can do this while others, should they have three drinks in one night, wake up feeling like someone filled their body with damp sand sometime during the night?

Truth is, I envy Soung. She’s skinnier than I have ever seen her. She’s muscular. She looks amazing AND she is still able to stay out late, drink some, and be social without waking up the next day dead in the head.

Last night, I went to bed at 9. I watched Las Vegas and CSI Miami. I watched Jon Stewart. I called Toby to tell him how funny it’s going to be for him in three hours. I watched Howard Dean on Letterman. I read. And went to bed. All the while, Soung was out visiting friends, chatting it up, having some drinks, and playing some pool. Things happen. They do. They happen while you sleep. Things are always happening when you’re not around.

At one point in my life, this fact used to bug me. Now, I think I’m finally learning how to relax.

(Now, if only Tucker could figure this out.)


  1. P.S. I woke up singing. “Motorin” hence the title.


  2. I went to bed early on Sunday – I feel no shame!!


  3. I gave up smoking dope about 14 years ago because it made me feel terrible (emotionally) the next day. And since NY made it illegal to smoke cigarettes indoors in restaurants and bars, I’ve found that my recovery time the next morning is now MUCH better after I have had a few drinks (because I have quit smoking and there is no second-hand smoke).

    And, as a rule, I generally drink lots of water throughout the day, and most of my drinking is after rugby matches or practice, so I am often well hydrated. If I feel like ass, it’s probably because I’ve had the crap beat out of me in a match.


  4. You know, i wonder how much of my feeling DOES have to do with the smoke. California, after all, has made it illegal as well. Hmmmmm. While out in D.C., and more importantly, Bedrock, it’s sort of like being pickled in smoke.


  5. Gambi loves you. For those of you who don’t know Gambi, she is a small yorky (sp?). She wares bows sometimes. And she hops. She is soung’s dog.


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