…and I will eat yellow.

What a wonderful weekend! Friday night, Soung and I didn’t leave work until after 10 so we decided to relax again on her front porch and not venture out on the town. On Saturday, I worked for a while and finally found a T-Mobile store where I found a new recharger as I left mine in San Francisco. Later that evening, Soung and I (more Soung, than I) made dinner for Katrina and James. We made the most amazing salad and steamed garlic veggies. We made enough pasta to feed an entire jail. We filled the house with candles and sat around chatting. On top of all the eating, the four of us somehow managed to drink four bottles of wine AND stay up until 4 in the morning talking.

On Sunday, I woke up at 10:45 still exhausted. But I pulled myself out of bed and headed out with Calvo (Jeff) and Donald Eugene. We drove to Landover, Maryland and visited Mike for a day in the sun out at Eco Farms. I can not think of a better way to spend a Sunday. Mike took us on a tour of his property. He walked us through the field and into the greenhouse as well. We took a tour of the mudhouse, and walked along the edge of a pond in search of frogs and turtles. The day, the property, the smells, everything reminded me of my youth. It was perfect—a perfect day.

We stayed there for several hours. I ate all things yellow, like homemade mac and cheese, tortilla chips, lemon pound cake, couscous, and corn salad. All three of us laughed at everything. Donald came up with a most amazing cinematic concept. We’ll go into production if I can ever figure out a way to get back this way before the snow. (Thanks, you two, for helping to create such a great day.)

Yesterday evening, I relaxed and watched television. We made dinner again and ate around the table. We watched primetime. After calling Toby to tell him how much I adore him (again) I fell to bed early.

I’m at work now. I got here before nine. Because of my working on Saturday, we’re kind of caught up for now. But soon the changes and new projects will start rolling in. We’re working with the Iowa Senate Caucus, the North Carolina House and Senate, and dozen of other states as well. The pieces are really quite good and the work is morally sound (for me) as well. Oh how I wish they were EVER hiring here. But as it stands, they have a turnover rate of zero. Go figure. On the flipside, you really have to wonder about a place that is always hiring. I seem to know a great number of them. Anyway, I fell of track. Good day. Good. :]


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