Relaxation Without Reprobation

I arrived to D.C. yesterday at around 6 p.m. The flight was actually (dare I say) enjoyable? It was perfect – so smooth. Which is a surprise given the number of hurricanes and storms bashing the hell out of the south, or maybe introducing hell to the south.

Soung’s house is astounding. It’s truly beautiful. I hadn’t seen it before we left. First of all, it’s huge. And it’s in the District. She has a massive front porch, which we sat on and talked till an East Coast 1:30 a.m. All of the things I had forgotten that I had missed are coming back to me. The symphony of crickets tucked within the green plush trees. And the toads! There are hundreds of toads! I can’t get enough of the sounds and the smells. My senses are turned back on again. They have been slightly numb since moving to the West Coast. Perhaps, if we stay in San Francisco, we need to move someplace more woodsy.


So the above was written 8 hours ago. Now, it is around 9 p.m. We’ve working very hard. We get in around 9 a.m and continue into the night. It’s nice, though. It makes me feel like I’m doing something positive (politically).

We’re having a most spectacular lightning show right now. I want to run out there and say hello to it, bottle it up and take it back to San Francisco with me.

I’ll cut to the chase, I’m happy right now. I wish Toby were here, and the baby kitties, as well. But I’m so very happy right now, otherwise. It’s great to talk to people. It’s nice to touch my past and talk to familiar faces. There’s been a lot of laughter. I feel at ease. I feel at home. I feel comfortable. Finally.

Who ever said you couldn’t go home again?

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