Sea Lions and Skateboarding

For years now I have heard people talk about the Sea Lions of San Francisco. I have heard this talk so often, I still think that the Giants are misnamed especially since some football team in New York already has it. I would have thought the San Francisco Sea Lions would have been a much better name for the baseball team.

That was up until I moved here and found no sea lions. When Missy was visiting we even spent time looking and found nothing. When my parents were here my dad SWORE they were “In this exact spot last time! I swear! Where have they all gone? Maybe it’s off season.”

There were spots Toby swore.

They’ll be here. I remember it from playing Tony Hawk.

And they weren’t.

No, here! They’re here. I skated this board.

And they weren’t there.

Even Tony Hawk featured the Sea Lions of San Francisco. Where were these creatures?

The night we left for Alcatraz, we were wandered around Pier 39 looking for the dock they said our boat would leave from. Toby said he’d meet us there and that we should just go ahead and get the tickets first. So we wandered around, wandered around and suddenly I heard a sound. It was the sound of old drunk men laughing. Hard. We rounded a corner, and this is what I saw:

Just flopped all over one another like slugs in beer. Yelling. No, barking.

And I called Toby and held the phone up so he could hear my findings. He knew exactly what it was. The San Francisco Sea Lions were alive and barking.

Later, when he showed up to take the night cruise with us, I walked him over to see the San Francisco Sea Lions. And just like that, Tony Hawk Pro 4 suddenly came right back to him.

Yes, I should have known. This was the course. I remember it well now. I rode over that dock, that one facing Alcatraz.

Yesterday, I took Shelly to Fisherman’s Warf, and more importantly, Pier 39 where we watched these silly fatties bitch and moan to everyone and anyone in sight. Below are some pictures. I also took video. But it’s 7 mgs and it’s just a barking sea lion.

They like to sleep.

This dude was just huge. I wonder how much he weighs.

The big guy again.


  1. Very, very cool sea lions!

    Funny – I recognize places in movies, just because I skated them with Tony!


  2. those pic’s are great. i LOVE the sea lions, look at how cute they are when they are asleep! they are like trash bags full of fat. god, i wish i could lay around all day with my belly in the sun. you should put up that video, i would totally watch it.

    ps. did you notice the one that has the “23” branded on his side? i wonder what that’s about. were there others like that?


  3. cute like trashbags full of fat? you’re weird, claudia. ;)

    the 23 brand was probably just a result of hazing. sea lion fraternities are a big part of the seedy san francisco underbelly.


  4. Claudia, no clue what the number is for. It was actually 4523. :/ very odd, indeed. I’ll put up the video. What the hell. :]


  5. i think fat animals are cute. babies are fat, and they’re cute….


  6. I think they have something to do with the underground scene in SF. I would totally love to lie around naked with them. Hmmmmm … was that too personal?


  7. Oh my goodness! I bet you’re right! They are the SF underground. So they’re responsible for all the lost hearts as well.


  8. omg … i just watched the video. they sound like Ricky Ricardo laughing “arr! arr! arr! Eet’s jus so reedeekulous!”


  9. Sometimes, when I write things too fast, I screw up left and right and all over creation. It shocks me people don’t leave comments on here correctly my horrible grammar. For shame, mihow, for shame. “Sounded like Old drunk men are laughing?” Someone for to help me to good write.


  10. Ha! GotJesus. Yes, they do, don’t they?


  11. Just as cute as slugs in beer. Cuter, even.


  12. gotjesus…you’ll be #4524.


  13. Yah! I totally remember seeing them at pier 39. Weird you didn’t see them there at first.


  14. they ARE cute! ;o) g.o.d. – and LOOK AT THE WEATHER THERE!! i’m sooo jealous!


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