My Lovely Husband

You know who this is?

This is Toby at age 14. Isn’t he adorable? Yes. Yes, he is adorable. He’s still adorable. Only now he’s friggin brilliant, too.

His sister is visiting us this week. And she was sweet enough to bring some pictures with her. This is one of MANY. I can’t wait till there’s a reason to put them all up and totally make fun of his socks. My goodness, you should see the socks this kid used to wear.

There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t want to just write a bunch of stuff about how amazing he is. Really, this blog (or whatever it has become) is a way for me to share him with everyone. You (those who don’t know him) have no idea how wonderful and amazing and lovely and beautiful he is.

(No wonder you were in a Moby video, you foxy bastard.)

I’d put up pictures of myself at 14 but you’d all go blind.


  1. With the exception of the NKOTB hat, your TJ looks pretty much the same as he did at 14.


  2. yeah that boy has the “right stuff” alright!lol,you know he must be a great guy cause he is with a great girl! what Moby vidoe?


  3. Seriously – at first I was like, “Woah, that’s a pretty bad hat Toby has on,” thinking this was taken last week. He needs to bottle whatever makes him look young – there’s a lot of rich old ladies who would pay millions for that.

    Also, we NEED to see a pic of you at 14. It’s only fair for us. Doooo it.


  4. Replace the hat with a stainless steel colander, and… Yep! He looks just the same!


  5. Just make sure he doesn’t get a big head from all that worshipping you do. It might ruin his adorableness.

    : )


  6. Have you seen Toby’s head? Impossible! It’s huge! Girl27, I hadn’t thought of that. He’s come a long way with his head wear.


  7. Oh, and Megan, I promise to find a picture of myself at 14. Hopefully I have one around here, if not, it might have to wait till I’m back in DC in September. But I will. I truly was one of the ugliest teenagers there ever was. For real. couple naturally curly hair with Raleigh humidity and you have one fugly creature. But it’s only fair.


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