A Non-virgin's Megastore: Wanna Share?

The other day Toby and I watched Love Actually. And quite honestly, I actually I loved it. If you’ve seen it, you already know it falls in around a song called “Love Is All Around” only it’s all about Christmas and not love.

So if you really love Christ—mas. Come on and let is snow.

And the remake (in the movie) is bad, and we’re told as much by the british fella remaking the song. But that’s neither here nor there, I could absolutely NOT stop singing the REAL version (and the movie version, the be honest). But the “real” version (for me) is the remake with REM an Billy Bragg at the Borderline in England. (I think my brother owns the actual c.d.) So right after having seen the movie, Rachel wrote something reminding me again of this song. I wrote, she responded and in the end she was kind enough to send it. I will now extend the favor. While this is not the version I had (way back when when I was actually somewhat cool and respected and ran a live radio show) this is equally as amazing and fabulous. (3.8 mgs) (Thank you, Rachel and Mike.)

I spent the evening listening to Old Music. When I say “Old Music” I mean music I used to listen to when I was younger-ironic, I know. And my goodness, I wish I could bottle up the feeling I have right now. I wish I slap on a pair of headphones to each and every one of you (like they do on Jet Blue, Delta, and American airlines) and take you into the memory of my youth. We could trade, you and me, because I know you get it too-this feeling. So here’s the idea, we’d each have a booth like they have at Virgin Megastore. We could wander around and if you find me interesting – or I do you – we can then stop for a minute, listen to one another’s soundtrack, and understand a little bit more.

It’s 10:30 here in San Francisco and I can’t help but think that I’m the last to fall to sleep tonight on the tail end of this August 02, 2004. And I can’t help to think that I’m the last of the people who know me to have that





  1. i like that thought about the virgin megastore-booth. i just wouldn’t know how to set that up.. i didn’t even manage to set up wordpress on my server sigh

    but i’m listening to “love is all around me” right now. thank you rachel and mike ;o) i love it. and i liked the movie as well. i’m addicted to love and i dig movies where i get to cry! which, honestly, doesn’t take a whole lot.. cheers!


  2. I didn’t listen to a lot of music as a teenager, but there were a few things that would constitute a soundtrack (which is curious considering I played guitar religiously).

    First, I had one of those original Walkmans—you know, it was almost the size of a lunchbox: very 1982.

    I would sit and do my homework at my desk in my bedroom, staring out the window into my Louisville subdivision backyard, listening to The Police’s “Ghost in the Machine” album (great songs, like “Invisible Sun” and “Demolition Man”).

    Sometimes I would lie shirtless in the same backyard and listen to “Signals” by Rush—I was “The Analog Kid” (“The fawn-eyed girl/with sun-browned legs/Dances on the edge of his dream/And her voice rings in his ears/Like the music of the spheres”).

    When I mowed the same lawn, the soundtrack was J. Geils Band’s “Centerfold” on their “Freeze Frame” album.

    There was plenty of Dylan and Hendrix and Zeppelin, but they don’t remind me of my adolescence like these songs/albums do.

    God, I was such an 80’s kid.


  3. you’re so welcome! i just listened to it again and i think it’s impossible to not smile when you hear mike mills singing that darn song, love it.


  4. ba ba da da da Dah Dah Dah…..


  5. GotJesus, I loved “Invisible Sun”. I did something similar with that song, but I wasn’t shirtless at the time. My 15 minutes were used up during the first few years of college when Vickie and I spent weeks preparing for a 80s show on our radio program. (This was before the 80s became all super hip again). So we spent our 2 hours playing only 80s music. Somehow, and this still remains a mystery, we ended up with thousands upon thousands of listeners (a big hop compared to our usual 2 [who were all prison inmates from the local Center Country Correctional Institute]) The phones rang off the hook! People were listening from hours away on super duper powered radios. It was incredible. We stayed on that night until the Morning Edition began the following day. There are hundreds I could put up from that night. Hundreds.


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