Holy shit, I'm in a pitiful state of well hung denial.

Should it be seen as disturbing when one’s search strings (for one day) become a strange summary for one’s more recent life? Not all of them, mind you, for example, “boil pimple ass” does not relate (I assure you). And Missy isn’t strange.

  • hot legs
  • holy shit and well hung
  • blenheim ginger ale
  • boil pimple ass
  • driving across the country interstate 70 80
  • hot amy
  • loreal plaza adams morgan
  • missy strange
  • niagara falls elope
  • pink bed
  • pitiful state of denial
  • potato buds recipes
  • remy red
  • rib cage hurts
  • self suck
  • sexy glasses
  • who makes the frog bra

Personal favorites: “Pitiful State of Denial” and “Holy Shit and Well Hung”.


  1. That thing eventually cleared up, by the way.


  2. Good to hear, GotJesus. I was wondering about your ass pimple.


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