Movies We Saw This Weekend

I think this might be all that we do anymore. I mean, besides eat. Ah well, here they are (out of order):

1). Manchurian Candidate. Yeah, I don’t know. It was only o.k. (Sorry, movie critics everywhere, but I did actually exhale during the last 30 minutes of the movie).

2). Dirty Pretty Things Pretty creepy and disturbing but good. Through kidney removals and the flushing of a human heart, somehow you still just want to hug the hell out of Audrey Tautou for being so unbelievably cute.

3). Gothika I can’t believe that this did not suck. I may have even enjoyed it a little bit.

4). The Dreamers Now this movie? It was just bad. I don’t care if your actors are french AND hot, that doesn’t give you the license for creating pretentious crap. Outside of a few “Did he actually fuck her” sex scenes, this movie just ain’t worth it.

5). Holes This one we watched in order to justify our paying 125.00 a month for cable. I spent most of the time trying to figure out which weird state it was filmed in. My guess is either Nevada or Utah.

6). Deadline The documentary I mentioned on Friday. Held a crazy number of scary statistics. Entirely disturbing. If you’re on the fence about the death penalty and you happen to actually watch this and you’re still not convinced our system if failed, we’re all worse off than I have imagined. I really enjoyed this documentary. Canceling a happy hour to watch it was not regretted.

7). Truly Madly Deeply I saw this one many years ago while working at the video store while I was in college (I watched everything back then). And you know what? This movie never gets any happier. But somehow it always sucks me in. (Another movie we watched helping to justify our cable bill).

And then there was T.V.

1). Dead Like Me: I think this might be my new favorite show. I absolutely adore it. Really.

2). Six Feet Under: I love this show. Best quote of the night:

Having to admit fucked up shit about yourself fucking sucks.

You might say this weekend’s line-up had a theme I hadn’t realized up until now. How weird.


  1. but isn’t a cuddly, snuggly and cosy weekend on the couch with the man one of the greatest things in the whole wide world? sigh

    ps: haven’t seen any of the aforementioned movies. wonder why? hm..


  2. Have you seen the Gus VanSant movie “Gerry” with Matt Damon & Casey (not Ben) Affleck? That’s what I watched this weekend. Not a good one to see at home on the couch. Too easy to get distracted & the landscape shots lose something on my 21” TV. Still not sure what I think overall, but one of the best uses I’ve seen of that weird time zone you’re in before the opening credits. Definately worth a try (especially if you’re a Matt Damon fan).


  3. I saw the dreamers. It totally licked… which was probably the only thing they didn’t do in the movie.


  4. Gina, I heard that Gerry was a great movie. I think Missy told me that. I’ll have to find it. I totally forgot about it which makes me wonder if the video store we frequent as it as I don’t recall seeing it on the shelf. Lana, I’m glad I’m not alone.
    Any others anyone suggests, please do share.


  5. We watched HellBoy and I thought it ruled.

    Six Feet Under, I think has been picking up the pace and becoming more interesting again. I really wish we had Showtime.


  6. Andrea, I might suggest renting the first season on DVD. They have the entire show out now. And you’re really not that far behind, we’re only on show two of season two. :] It’s fabulous. Promise.


  7. Oh…I didn’t know that, /heads to Netflix


  8. Have you seen “The Safety of Objects”?
    Watched “The Station Agent” last week. Excellent, although Mitch thought it fell apart at the end (i choose to ignore this).


  9. i am also hooked on “Joan of Arcadia”
    (friday night, 8PM)
    have you seen this show? love it.


  10. Joan of Arcadia? You don’t say! I’ll have to check it out as we don’t do much on Friday nights. I loved the Station Agent as well. That guy from Third Watch (I think he was on that show) is also now on Six Feet Under. I have a new found love for him after watching The Station Agent (you know, the weenie guy). Haven’t seen the Safety of Objects. We’re going to try and find Gerry tonight. If that’s out, we’ll look for the latter. Thanks, Gina!


  11. Yes, I liked GERRY. I also liked it much more in the theater than when I bought the DVD and watched it at home. It is a very haunting, meditative film, one that deserves a large screen in a cool, dark theater.

    I also like THE DREAMERS, but I admit I haven’t seen it since it was part of the year’s early crop of films. Going by shoddy memory alone, it appealed to me in that I remembered what it was like to live within one’s own self-created-however wacky-bubble, to discover film (or whatever obsession of one’s choosing), to discover one’s own politics—however misguided or underdeveloped, and to discover the eroticism of sex, all despite what was happening in the real world. (I also loved the music as a backdrop. That, along with the politics of the time, added an urgency that made the characters’ naivete all the more endearing.) The dialogue, much like BEFORE SUNRISE, is a little precious and annoying, now that we’ve settled more into our older years, but it was nostalgic all the same. I was a little creeped out by the brother-sister stuff, though, I admit.


  12. It will be Toby’s job to find Gerry. That’s Gerry the movie, not Gerry as in our architect friend who lives in the coolest part of brooklyn. We know where that Gerry is. We also have “Japanese Store” to watch. Any one know anything?


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