A Sweet Saturday Morning: Writing From Home

(This is a drawing hanging up in the hallway of the house we rent from).

Later today, we’re heading to the Atlas Cafe to see Bob and Cass play their cello’s. Bob and Cass are our neighbors. Both of them are pretty great. And Bob (also a designer-type person) quits jobs like I do. Misery loves company.

They are playing with another guy. I am not sure of the details yet, but I think the other guy who plays the guitar, heard them play, and invited them to come along and take up some of his showtime. We’re pretty excited. Plus, I really like the Atlas Cafe. I took photos there once before (at the bottom). It was while David, Soung, and Matt were visiting.

Last week, I somehow managed to go to a yoga class every damn day. And today, I’m sore as hell. It’s as if they all caught up to me. But it’s a good kind of sore, the kind that makes you feel like you’re actually DOING something. And since I have only one (paying) active job right now, I am searching to fill up free time. I purchased my full-name domain yesterday, so while I said I had had it with Graphic Design, I don’t mean it. I’m going to continue to search for that dream job, or begin working on my own. I enjoy identity work too much to give it up. (For now, the good still outweighs the bad).

What else, my parents are coming in on the 13th. And the day they leave, Danny (the bloke we lived with in New York for a while – the guy from England) is coming to stay with us for a while. I absolutely can not wait to see him again. It will be nice to give him a big hug. I owe him that. After he leaves, Shelly (Toby’s sister) arrives. It’s a good thing we got a place with a guest-room. We explore more when people come visit. That’s a good thing.

Right now, I am sipping coffee. It is Saturday morning – still my favorite day and time of any week. I am taking the day off from yoga and plan on lighting a few smelly candles (one of my favorite pass-times), throwing in an English Muffin and all the while making enough noise to wake up my husband “accidentally” so he’ll get up and play with me – even if it’s foggy and even if it’s nearly August and I have the heat on. Ahhhh sweet summer in San Francisco.


  1. The fish were biting today in our ocean. We caught enough for eight meals. It’s Aunt Sue’s birthday, I think she’s about sixty :) As I type, the recently submerged cell phone is being retrieved from the toilet. If it works, I’ll call you.


  2. Please tell me you’re kidding about the phone. Tell Aunt Sue HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Man, I wish I could be there with you all. So sorry I am missing it all.


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