Mihow's Top Ten Reasons For Loving Life On the West Coast

As promised yesterday.

10). Fruits and Vegetables. So fresh. So plump. Eat them up, yum.

9). The sound. I am not sure if it’s the hills, the fog, or that there are fewer cities therefore less noise pollution. But for some reason (at least here in San Francisco) the sound is different. It doesn’t travel as far. It’s like being in a sound-proofed room. And if it weren’t for my tinitis I think I’d really love it.

8). The fact that if you travel 10 miles outside the city, civilization dies. (Yes, I love it too).

7). Our neighbors, Bob and Cass.

6). The terrain. I can’t even begin to explain how amazing it is. I’ve been all over Europe and America and the California coastline is up there in the best of natural beauty.

5). The wine. Cheap and wonderful. Living this close to Napa is the wine-lovers equivalent of having fresh from the oven Krispy Kreme donuts 24/7.

4). Accessibility. It seems that no matter where you are or what you’re doing, that big opportunity lies right before you. The feeling that you’re about to uncover something huge, is ever so prevalent.

3). The fog.

2). The Ocean. I haven’t ever lived this close to the sea. It’s pretty amazing. And with the gale force winds coming in every night, it’s like a massive salty steam bath as well.

1). Fresh perspective and new adventures. Who could possibly argue or complain about a new experience? I’m grateful for this opportunity even during fits of lonely.


  1. I know things aren’t perfect out there, but I’m really, really glad you made this list. Says a lot about you.


  2. i can tell that you are starting to feel at home there…
    SO happy for you!


  3. what about the hippie ravers?


  4. “Eat them up, yum.”

    like fish heads?…


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