Reality Television I Can Get In Front Of.

Toby and I were one of the 14 people in the nation last night to sit down and watch the A&E special presentation, Washington Wives. We watched nearly all of it, with the exception of turning it off for our nightly news broadcast with Jon Stewart (Washington Wives ran two hours, I do believe).

Out of the 14 people who watched the show, I may have been the one person who actually found Teresa Heinz Kerry charming. What can I say, but I sorta like the woman. I’m hoping Kerry wins for sure now just so Rachel Dratch can begin playing her on future Non-Live Saturday Night Live skits. But the biggest question I had after watching Washington Wives, wasn’t what happen to Mrs. Edwards’ face over the years (particularly the spot between the eyes and upper nose where her eyes appear to be drifting apart) but where on earth did Teresa get that lovely green sweater?

And so, I’m on a quest to find out. I have begun by asking the other 12 people who watched the show if she made it herself or if the little people of the nation can get one as well.

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