Blue thru Redwoods

In spite of a surprise visit by my faithful friend, Sadness, this weekend ended up being quite nice. I started off Friday with a bang by watching Reagan’s funeral on TV. (I don’t recommend this technique for those who are the color blue). Through the tears and a puffy face, I managed to order Thai food and start a fire with my better half. We both fell into bed early.

Saturday, Toby and I went out with a few of the Bay Area Photo Bloggers in Cole Valley. It was great meeting everyone. After finished up a few afternoon drinks we headed to Magnolia for dinner.

On Sunday, Cathy and Mike picked us up and we all headed to a beach about 70 miles south of San Francisco. The pacific ocean is beautiful. This empty beach had one of those weird random rock pimples, jetting out from the middle of sea. And as silly as it sounds, I have imagined and dreamed about such a scene for years. And waves came in around it on both sides, converging in on one another with a slap. I laid, facedown and dead center and watched them slide in and envelope and tickle the seaweed desperately clinging to the rock below.

The ocean, in any state, never ceases to astound me. It’s been this way all of my life.

The ride there and back was even momentous. We drove through the mountains on 35. We at dinner at the famous biker stop, Alice’s Restaurant. The temperature up there is about 10 degrees cooler than it is near the water or inland. And I swear every house along 35 is for sale. At one point on our way home we drove alongside the fog coming in off the ocean. And then, just like that, we popped out above it for a while as if flying. All the while, being guided by redwood skyscrapers, towering up above the car each top out of mysite.

And the smells! I can’t even begin to describe them. Or maybe I’m just too tired to try.

Of course I took pictures documenting the entire weekend. And, in getting to know my new camera, many of them are too grainy and over-exposed. Learning digital, raw is proving to have its difficulties. I’ll try and upload some photos later. It’s a good thing it’s all in my head. Thankfully, software can’t download or corrupt that.

I’ve been inside of myself lately. So if I’m a gal of few words for a while please forgive.


  1. awww…I really wanted to see your pictures, too!


  2. Cat, I shot about 3 rolls of TriX and TMAX, so as soon as I find a good black and white lab, I’ll get some prints.


  3. Sorry for the visit from Sadness—tell that bitch to hit the road! Remember you’ve just moved across country and it will take some ups and downs over the next few months to settle in. Sounds like you had a good weekend despite the blues . . .plus as Isak Dinesen wrote, “salt water is the cure for everything be it sweat, tears, or the sea.”


  4. Hunh. I woke up on Friday, and Sadness had snuck sometime during the night. I hope she’s gone for good.

    But I also hope she wasn’t travelling in your direction.


  5. Snuck OUT – was what I was sayin.

    And is that how you spell snuck? Sounds funny when you it say it over and over. Such fun.


  6. I think she’s visiting San Francisco now.

    An aside, while San Francisco is unbelievably beautiful, there’s also something kinda always sorrowful underlying here. I haven’t figured it out just yet. But there is. And this time it’s not just a chemical me speaking. There’s a constant beat here all together sad. I think that’s why the fog comes in every day to remind everyone of such. It reminds me.


  7. I’ve always felt that too. Kind of forlorn out there on its peninsula, everything made from wood like it’s only temporary…

    Luckily it’s inhabited by some of the most wonderful people I know [our hostess included]


  8. You’re sweet. And I owe you a big fat email. I miss you so. You have no idea, sir donald. I want one of your hugs.


  9. Mihow….I feel the sadness sometimes too…It is hard to explain…I think it is the fog. But that is just me. Toby…I am looking forward to your pictures. I am sure you saw the link Mesh sent to you last night. I like the one of you standing on that pedistal thing when we were all freaked out by that fog on the mountain. What the heck were you doing in that picture? :o)
    Anyway, aside from the sadness, I had loads of fun and lots of sun on my shoulders to prove it.


  10. :( I’m sorry to hear you’re sad, girlie, and sorry things have been so busy to be able to say ‘hey’.

    It sounds like you had a beautiful weekend, though. That sort of scenery always makes me realize things aren’t so bad when the view is free. :)


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