Welcome to Nevada

(Descriptions, if any, are above each picture.)

Nevada. I was obviously getting sort of bored of driving at this point. Plus, I started to worry for the cats. I stopped taking pictures for some reason. I’m not sure why, Nevada intrigues me. And I’m going to probably regret that for years to come.

We saw numerous weirdness along the way. We drove through Battle Mountain (An aside: The Washington Post deemed the “Armpit of the Nation”. In response to this, Battle Mountain boasted on roadside signs along Route 80, “Come MAKE US YOUR PIT STOP!” Funny.) We drove through the high desert, which was beautiful and bizarre. We drove by several prisons. Signs reading “Do not pick up hitch-hikers. Prison area.” We drove by buffalo and cattle, trailers and patches of nothing. Interesting bird, Nevada is.

I have to correct myself about something I said previously about Nevada. Before this trip, I had only ever driven through southern Nevada (route 15—from Vegas to L.A.). Southern Nevada is much different from northern Nevada. Southern Nevada is flat desert. Northern Nevada is hilly and green and there are a few more signs of life, might be prison life, but life none-the-less. Northern Nevada was quite pretty, actually.

Our hotel room in Reno. For some reason, we took pictures of our ugliest two rooms. These were, by far, the worse two. But who cares. Reno was cool. I won 93 bucks on the slots and 50 on Blackjack. I’m a winner.

Downtown Reno, just before pulling out of town in the morning.

Found this bumper sticker pretty funny. The colors might not run, but they will fade. heh.


  1. I would’ve thought for sure that Nevada was actually the “Show Me Your Tits” state. Disappointing.


  2. Indeed. Show Me states. Plus, Missouri loves company.

    Thank you! I’m here every day!


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