The motherload came in last night. Not only am I finally figuring out how to download from the new camera, but Toby got some print film back as well. Needless to say, there are a lot of images. I only have a few listed below, we’re still trying to organize everything on the site, and we’re still building out the other pages. But here are a few for now. (They’re clickable too!)

TobyJoe swimming in Turks and Caicos. We took this with the underwater throw-away we bought down there. I thought this image summed up the Beaner. (michele)

TobyJoe, a self portrait. Taken with his new Bessa R2. (He thinks this image sums him up more. I might have to agree). (TobyJoe)

Image taken by Toby with his new Bessa. (He loves this camera. It is pretty hot). (TobyJoe)

A picture of me waiting for my drink at Irving’s bagels. Toby thinks this image sort of sums me up. I’m not arguing. I can see it. (TobyJoe)

Construction on Kalorama. This is what Toby looks at every day on his way to work. (michele)

Jill Hinckely at the studio. Jill owns the place. She has taught me so much. (michele)

A mural behind Adam’s Morgan. (michele)

This is Brett. He works at Hinckely Pottery. (michele)

This is Ilya. Her mother is Celine Dion’s stylist. Ilya is a beautiful little girl. These things are totally unrelated. I’m just tired and making little sense. (michele)

The streets of where we’re from. I love the multi-colored houses it gives everyone a sense of community. Now, if only they didn’t all cost 1.25 million bucks. (michele)

A pig Toby took a fancy to. (Sitting in Saint Ex waiting for our eats). (TobyJoe)

Sill life. (michele)

Unfriendly carpet for sale. (michele)

Incupeeper. The cutest Easter display I have seen yet. (On 14th street at Home Rule). (TobyJoe)

I can’t believe I almost forgot. This is a fuzzy Tucker. He is special. Isn’t he shockingly fuzzy looking? (michele)


  1. Mihow or Toby…I have a question about Toby’s camera. In the market for a new digital camera and was looking at a Leica but that Bessa may be more what I am looking for (great pictures by the way…with both cameras). Do you have the specs for the camera and a solid retailer (in DC?) that I can go to take a look. Thanks!


  2. Toby can help you with this. Once he gets to work I’m sure he’ll hook you up with the goods. He has done so much research over the past couple of months surrounding cameras, he’s a wealth of knowledge.

    The Bessa is a film camera. And it takes amazing pictures. It’s a range finder, interesting outcome, this camera has. I will try and get him to post some links with some beautiful pictures.

    My camera is the latest Canon. I have no complaints yet. I purchased mine from Best Buy. The only reason I chose to do that was because they offer a zero interest purchase plan for 18 months. Pretty great deal, you feel as though you leave the place with a free camera. :]

    Toby will have much more information. I assure you.


  3. is tucker beside a bong? does that explain the fuzzy look?


  4. ha! Man, Lana you’re a funny gal. No, that’s the chair. :] Heh. We don’t use a bong.


  5. B – the Bessa R2 is a film camera. It’s a rangefinder, a Leica clone. It’s consistently rated as one of the best rangefinders around and is a really solid camera. The viewfinder is super bright. Most importantly, it can take Leice M-mount lenses. With a (cheap) adapter, you can also use Leica and Voightlander screw-mount lenses.

    Right now I’m shooting with a 50mm/1.5 Voigtlander Nokton lens. It’s amazingly fast and sharp.

    The whole camera feels like it could be dropped off a rooftop and come out fine. Magnesium and copper and steel. Good glass. Lots of available prime lenses.

    The best place to get the Bessa R2 is at CameraQuest, run by Stephen Gandy. He’s a very nice guy and very knowledgable.

    I sent back my Digital Rebel because it was just too plasticky and fragile. Digital is nice and convenient, but I’m really enjoying the process of shooting film and having NOTHING automatic, all the while having a high quality camera.

    Camera Quest Bessa R2 Page


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