What good can come from this?

Well, we have finally signed a contract regarding our post wedding party. And go figure, we’re only four months late. Nothing says we’re married! like a four-month old newsletter.

Another job on mihow’s list: Design Invitations Immediately. (Only question is, what are they to be? I’m a designer. That means I have to design and construct something sort of interesting in less than 4 days. Not gonna happen).

So that’s happening.

And this is happening too. (link lifted from blurbomat.com).

And yesterday, much to my absolute horror, I read this article in the Post.

(If you can’t get to that and are too lazy to register [as I have been guilty of in the past]. this link will work as well.)

Not only is the story specifically horrifying, but the Post printed pictures of the decapitated, one armed victim right smack dab in the middle of the paper. Let me start by saying that I meant what I said in an earlier post about how I become enraged when I’m hungry, I also meant what I said that I can’t tolerate witnessing acts of violence. I’m not sure when this happen, but over the past several years I have become a massive blubbering wimp. This means no more violent film, no more tragic news stories on 20/20. I am thru.

So you might say my emotions were mixed regarding the picture.

While I hope to hear that people aren’t hiding behind kids’ gloves in regards to the war, I’m also not keen on having the image placed on the forefront of my mind. And if I had children, and they had seen the photo, it would break my heart trying to explain this to them. I’m not sure I can explain it to myself. I’m not sure I ever want to understand.

How do the family members of the men slaughtered feel? I imagine this horror over and over again. The victims names where not yet released as of yesterday via the sweaty hands of the press. But the name of the security company out of North Carolina was. It hurts me to know that there are a number of family members thinking that this could be a photograph of their father/son/brother shown decapitated and hung from a bridge in Fallujah, Iraq.

After seeing that image yesterday I wanted to lay blame—raw, hate-felt blame. I wanted to hold someone accountable for the death of these men. My hatred and my blame went instantly to GW Bush and the administration. I know that there are many people out there ready to pounce on me right now. But it’s not really my point. What I am just now realizing is that if my first reaction was that of hatred and blame, what might the reaction be for those pro-Bush and pro-war? Will this act as fuel for them (i.e. KILL THE BASTARDS! THEY’RE ANIMALS!) reiterating hatred towards Iraqis everywhere in turn further reiterating Iraqis’ hatred for us? Isn’t that what got us here in the first place? Will an image like the one printed in the Washington Post remind us that maybe this war isn’t such a good idea after all? Will an image of this nature do the American people any good? Are we moving towards better? Because I’m just not sure anymore.

I can only hope for a quick change. This has gone on way too long. (Much like this post).


  1. Careful. “Reiterating their hatred for the Iraqis” is like saying people on the Left hate America.


  2. I’m not saying that at all. I assure you.

    I will reword that.


  3. That was a bad characterization. I haven’t had my coffee yet. :] And I guess you could say I was speaking rather losely. Maybe not the best idea.


  4. Yeah, blame GWB. If it weren’t for him, the Iraqis could go back to slaughtering their own kind in the thousands.
    Just like it should be, huh?


  5. You’re missing my point entirely. How totally frustrating. My point here wasn’t whether it was a rational thought or not, I’m not saying it’s Bush’s fault, he just the person I instantly wanted to blame given the hideous nature of the photograph. And if blame and hatred were MY first emotions, I’m wondering who others instantly blame or hate.

    For example, judging by what you wrote above, you’re angry with Iraqis. (Though, I know you’re not like that).

    This isn’t about GW, it’s about hatred. That’s my point. That’s all. My reason behind to post was to discuss the violence shown in those photographs and whether or not they would ever do any good.


  6. You’re right, I missed your point. Sorry about that.

    For the record, my hatred is always directed at who comitts the crime. I’m not one who tends to look for the greater cause. Not sure what that says about me, but that’s generally my reaction to things.


  7. I often blame the media. :] They are easy.


  8. Tom Zovko is making me cry. Why do I watch this crap?


  9. The last time I got involved in this you had to shut down the board :) And it was clear hatred I was showing at that time.


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