State College

Toby and I are visiting good ol’ State College tomorrow. We’re going to see the Graphic Design department at Penn State put on their annual Film Follies. That should be fun. I wonder if anyone from my class will be there.

I think Toby is only going to play pool with Todd at the Garage Mahal (aka Todd’s smokey garage in his back yard). But what do I know. :]

Irving’s Bagels, here I come!


  1. OMG “garage mahal”???


  2. hysterical, no? His gal even custom designed him a neon sign. So awesome. I have pictures up someplace. I will try and find them. Though, with the new system that might not be as easy.


  3. Hey, I wanna see follies, too. I’m excited to see it, actually. I do care about more than pool, ya know. Not much more, but a little bit.


  4. Can you have your party there? Please?


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