Today I have a pottery class where I plan on throwing more mugs, further irritating my fascia, and presenting round two of a postcard to the owner announcing the Hinckley Pottery student show. Aside from her not really liking the font, (yes, I found a person who actually DOES NOT like Helvetica Neue, Ultra Light) all is well and we’re almost ready for print.

The jobs have been pouring in lately. I have several, new clients as well as many repeat ones. Some of my new gigs are non-paying, barter-type jobs. Which is great and all. This is what I was looking for. But when you realize that one of the special yoga studios you’re creating an identity for (who is not even open yet, ready for trade), have taken up sending you emails at 10 p.m. on a Saturday where they attach someone else’s logo into the body of the email and write the following:

I really like this one!!!


  1. Just thought you’d like to have this to go along with Boudreaux’s Butt Paste.




    Holy crack. What’s up with all the butt-based products? Finally the world is conforming to my selfish desires.


  3. everyone’s trying to get in on that particular market segment.quick, go buy these domains so you can sell them to the highest bidder:


  4. me too…it was the first one I thought of.

    part of me can’t believe I typed those out, but the rest of me is giggling like a three year old.


  5. (heh) that sounds like a variety of Girl Scout Cookies.


  6. The site looks great! Welcome back…LOVE the gap wearing hippie comment!


  7. this is the best birthday present a mother could ever want!


  8. rosin….of course! nice one, gotjesus?!

    I was trying think of one to go with rectum[? damn near killed ‘um], but nothing came to mind.


  9. Happy Birthday, Momhow!

    I can’t believe all the dirty mouths here, at your party. Yeeesh. Show some respect, you rotten kids!! ;)

    (heh. rectum rosen. hehheh.)


  10. I had my reservations about posting in the same comments area as momhow’s birthday announcement but, in the end, I simply couldn’t resist.

    I did, however, refrain from actually wishing momhow a happy birthday in the same comment as all the butt-talk.

    happy birthday, indeed, momhow!


  11. In the end, heh.

    My mother was greeted by flowers. I am pretty certain that she did not read today. That said, go ahead and continue the butt talk.


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