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Toby and I have been following the diet listed below for several weeks now.

McDougall Diet

We initially began it because of my back pain, which was so bad a week ago, I would have given up breathing if it were possible. We weren’t sure if it was a joint thing, a bone thing, we weren’t sure what it was. So we cut out as much pasta and wheat-based products as possible.

I have lost a few pounds. I even feel better in the head which says a lot as I haven’t been able to go to yoga since my back acted up.

The only thing is I can absolutely NOT fall asleep at night. I’m not sure if it’s the lack of fat-heavy food, cheese glorious cheese, or the Vioxx kicking the sleep out of me but it feels like I’m a teenager all over again.


  1. My friend Jon in NYC began the same day we did. He’s already lost like 8 pounds or something. It’s basically a very low fat vegetarian diet with no refined grains or sugars. I always refer to it as the “Duh Diet” or the “No Shit Diet” since it’s pretty much what anyone would say – if they were to answer honestly – when asked “What would be the healthiest diet a person could actually live by?”

    Though the diet doesn’t forbid alcohol or caffeine, I think Jon has been off both. I have kept my intake fairly reasonable where both are concerned, but I enjoy each too much to give them up.


  2. I do miss the fake meat. Why are they so fatty? I love my fake meat. But thank goodness potatoes are ok. I would absolutely not get behind a diet who says that potatoes aren’t allowed.


  3. I stopped alcohol to detox myself, and went down to 1 small coffee a day (I usually have 4 large).

    The bulk of the McDougall recipes in the early books suck (including the weight loss book). They’re just nasty, especially the eggplant dip.

    The ‘Quick & Easy Cookbook’ which is relatively new, has better tasting recipes that take about 30mins to make. (they say 15, but thats not counting the prep work or dishes)

    An even better cookbook, is the Moosewood Low-Fat Cookbook – ~20, but well worth it. Most of the recipes can be done McDougall. The Red Lentil sauce is great on beans and pasta. The sundried tomato polenta cutlets are (*#$#$ amazing.


  4. I hope they discover life there too so we can deep fry it.


  5. I lost my ability to edit comments. I do apologize. I would have fixed that right away but I got all “SPEAK!” happy.


  6. I just tried going “off the coffee”.. today is day one. Pro: no coffee breath Con: tea breath. I see this being the “Running Room” all over again.


  7. lana…it’s the like what-who?

    I feel sloe.


  8. I am a running room drop-out.


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